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Unique Metal Fabrications, Inc. is proud to have built and maintained a strong reputation for quality and dependability in the structural steel and welding trades. It's central location in Pittsburg, Kansas allows easy access to major interstate highways making transportation of products both timely and affordable. Economic factors in Southeast Kansas allows Unique Metal Fabrications, Inc. to provide a top quality product at a very competitive price.

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In-house Estimating and Shop Drawing Detailing Department
Experienced estimators receive bid invitations and information from on-line sources and blueprints for selected projects on a daily basis. Therefore, a response to your needs is handled quickly and efficiently.

  • Preconstruction Estimating
    Providing project estimating and a reliable, timely cost model drawn from a deep database.
  • Cost Control
    Providing the most efficient design and construction methods to achieve value.
  • Progress Monitoring
    Monitoring actual versus forecasted schedule/budget.
  • Quality Control and Testing
    validation of actual to specifications.

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